Best Ways to Pack for Moving by Orlando’s Moving Choice

Moving may seem straightforward, but taking the time to think about how to pack up your home can make a huge difference in how easy (or difficult) it is to move into your new space. Local Orlando movers can manage the heavy lifting and getting your boxes into your new home, but what then? We’ve made a short list of pointers to make moving easier and unpacking stress-free.

Try Downsizing

What can go into storage? What are you going to need immediately? Is there anything you can donate? Moving is a great way to get rid of stuff you no longer want or need. See if you have any old electronics, movies, clothes, or other items to donate. Take heavy (and easily replaced) canned goods to a local food bank and try to donate anything else you no longer need before you start packing.

Prioritize Your Boxes

You’re going to need some things sooner than you need others. If you’re moving to the Orlando area, chances are you’re going to need sunblock and shorts before snow boots and parkas, so try to plan your boxing accordingly. Kitchen gadgets and food items should be readily available, as should your bathroom necessities. You’ll probably want a few cleaning tools such as a broom and duster on hand after the moving dust settles. Many people like to keep their essential items in a personal vehicle instead of a moving truck. That way, they’re readily accessible when you need them.

Call for Backup!

A reliable moving company in Orlando can make a world of difference in your moving experience. Central Florida Movers can answer any questions you have about moving to Orlando, and once you’re here, we can help with the heavy lifting. You and your family should focus on the fun things – like settling into and decorating your new home – and that’ll be much easier if you’re not all exhausted from carrying boxes.



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